The Lively's

Hello. Welcome to our webpage! The is the domain of Mark and Ida Lively and Paul (alternatively known as PJ,Peej or The Boy)

We live in the Wilds of Centre(sic) County Pennslyvania. In a quaint little town known for having a stoplight at the intersection of two main roads (US Rte 322 and US Rte 220).

Currently we're anxiously awaiting the completion of I-99 which will create a by-pass near our home which should direct most of the traffic away from 322/220 which passes within a few yards of our front door. Of course, this would ruin the business of our Lemonade Stand which we operate during home Penn State Football games when traffic creeps past our home -- making it nearly impossible to get into or out of our driveway.

Here are the various areas we keep up.

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Last updated 6/27/1999